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But it is horizontal! Why not? I got the idea for a long time, and finally I'm able to realize it. I used a template to start it up, but after I have studied it i know how to make my own horizontal web sites.

Vote if you like that way of presention information on the web.

If you don't like it - please check my contacts and help me improve it.

What's the trick: <body style="width: XXXpx"> Or read this article with tricks

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This is the storehouse with projects - from first semester to the last at which i'm at the moment. The variety of projects is from web sites, flash banners, advertisement videos to marketing analysis. As additional i have put all my work i'm doing outside school - that's a newspaper, a few web sites, some edited images and so on. You can check reports (on the school projects only), what i've learned through making them and my opinion on strong and weak points.

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What are we studing at Business Academy Copenhagen North, and specially Multimedia Design and Communication (MIL) program. Here you can find info about models, methods we use in this MIL studies.

  • Communication & Presentation
  • Interaction Development
  • Design & Visualization
  • Company & Organization
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Check this out! Here are some of my classmates fantastic portfolios - really very creative. And that is not the only thing in the section. Here you can find resources like PhotoShop brushes, petterns, some cool fonts, textures, links to stockPhoto web sites and finally inspiring sites, galleries and etc.

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AfterWell, PhotoShop (PS) is one of my weak points, because i started studying it late and it wants from you to be creative, and i can name a dozone more excuses, but i'm not quite sure you need them. Anyway, in section Gallery you can check my first tries in PS and my last works - enjoy.

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